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Smor's Vision
In recent years, there have been many women who don't put any styling products on their hair, and we, as hairdressers, have felt a sense of frustration.
Just a little more moisture in those strands would have made you even more attractive. It would make your days a lot happier if you were more attractive.
With this in mind, we hairdressers came up with smør to create a product that would dispel the negative image of styling agents as "messy" and "sticky.

We've created a texture that's easy to use on a daily basis, so that there's no extra stress on your styling, without the stiffness that's so common with shea butter-based styling products.

Just a little bit. Just a little bit of it is enough to make you your own person. Nourishment for your heart and hair" that makes you feel a little more like yourself when you're wearing it.

SMør is your everyday companion.

No silicone or synthetic fats or oils are used, and it is enriched with argan oil. It can be used to take care of the whole body, including skin, lips and nails. It gives your hair a natural shine.
With natural styling power, you can style your hair with curls and movement, or straighten your hair to create a beautiful look. After styling, it can be used on hands, lips, body and nails.

Just like a woman wears lingerie, wearing it makes you feel agitated.
I was particular about the fragrance and texture of this product. The fragrance of ylang-ylang brings out the charm of a woman. Moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, argan oil and squalane are used to moisturize hair and skin.

Content of ingredients

combination of ingredients

Argan oil/ Olive oil/ Squalane oil/ Candelilla wax/ Shea butter
Essential Oil: Ylang Ylang Ylang Flower Oil / Geranium Oil / Bergamot Fruit Oil (Emollient ingredient)
(Organic ingredients: shea butter, argan oil, aloe vera juice)

free ingredients

Silicone/ Paraben/ Synthetic Colorants/ Synthetic Fragrances/ Petroleum Surfactants/ Mineral Oil/ Phenoxyethanol/ Ethanol

You can use it before you dry your hair or as a styling oil.

It contains essential oils that are effective for the autonomic nervous system.

This hair oil has a refreshing scent of lime and a refreshing touch.


92% naturally derived ingredients

Dodecan (from palm)
ethylhexyl palmitate
Arganian spinosa nuclear oil
Vegetable Squalane
ylang-ylang flower oil
Bergamot fruit oil
malodorous tincture and cyanide oil
lemon peel oil
Grapefruit rind oil
eucalyptus leaf oil
lime oil

Dodecan (from palm)
Emollient action Volatile, smooth on the fingers, silky, does not leave a residue on the hands or hair

Ethylhexyl palmitate
Emollient action Low viscosity, refreshing and light texture Cosmetics, Sunscreen, Skin Care, Body & Hand Care Products

Base agent Low molecular silicon, low viscosity, refreshing

Arganian spinosa nuclear oil
Emollient action Linoleic acid Vitamin A B E Shine

Low-molecular silicon, smooth, lasting feel

Vegetable Squalane
Emollient effect Protects against dryness and UV rays by forming a sebum film

Antioxidant Vitamin E Enhances moisture retention for hair and skin
It is also effective in repairing hair.

Essential Oil] A fragrance that stabilizes women's autonomic nerves
Ylang Ylang Flower Oil
It's uplifting, feminine, and energizing.

Bergamot fruit oil
A bright, refreshing and uplifting fragrance.

Odoriferous geranium oil (geranium)
It releases sinking feelings.

Lemon peel oil
Feel refreshed and refreshed!

Grapefruit rind oil
A bright and refreshing fragrance

Eucalyptus leaf oil
Releasing depression, breathlessness and encouraging vibrancy

Lime oil

Refreshing and refreshing the mind and the determination to move on

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