◆Military personnel
◆Medical personnel
◆Police personnel
◆Barangay personnel
◆Supermarket employee
◆Convinience store employee
◆Security guards
◆Bank personnel
In the middle of the global pandemic caused by the corona-virus, I am sure that all of you who are working on the front lines of medical practice are having a hard time.
As a beauty salon, NORA HAIR SALON offers a 15 minute head spa course free of charge to relieve stress and relieve fatigue of those who work in difficult situations.
NORA HAIR SALON will do its best to support you who are working hard in this emergency!
First of all, please take care of yourself and let NORA HAIR SALON treat you after Lock Down ends.
At NORA HAIR SALON, we will strive to prevent infection in accordance with the basic policy recommended by the government.
[Service Description]
・Those who work on the front lines are invited to the head spa 15 minute course at NORA HAIR SALON for free.
[Expiration Date]
Until July 31, 2020. (3 months after release of Lock Down)
*The deadline may be extended or shortened depending on social conditions.
◆Please be sure to bring a certificate such as an ID that identifies you as a medical professional. If you do not have it, you cannot receive the service.
◆Even after the Lock Down function is disabled, many customers may not be able to use the service in order to prevent corona-virus infection from spreading. Therefore, if there are many customers, we may refuse them.
◆We'll give priority to those who have a reservation.

" To our frontliners "