This service allows you to experience the highest quality Japanese products selected by Japanese master of hair at home.

​Supervised by  Japanese Master of Hair


Creative Director


Chemical Specialist


Technical Evangelist



You can experience special color products at home that aren't sold anywhere else.

​At the salon, you will take a free consultation to with the masters determine the color that will suit you.

Hair color products are about 2 to 3 times the amount of products normally sold in pharmacies,

and NORA has developed a special It also comes with the best treatment.

This is a great deals.


Product Features
・It contains a lot of organic ingredients, so there is very little damage.
・It has very little smell.
・The color is beautiful.
・It makes your hair shiny and smooth.
・You can easily dye the parts you want to.

Product Content

・Hair color agent A (120g)

・Hair color agent B (120g)

・NORA original Treatment







You can visit the salon at any time of the day to make your purchase. If you want the product immediately, please book your appointment via FACEBOOK at the bottom of the screen.

smør balm(original product)

No silicone or synthetic fats or oils are used, and it is enriched with argan oil. It can be used to take care of the whole body, including skin, lips and nails. It gives your hair a natural shine.
With natural styling power, you can style your hair with curls and movement, or straighten your hair to create a beautiful look. After styling, it can be used on hands, lips, body and nails.

price:    P1300

smør oil(origimal product)

You can use it before you dry your hair or as a styling oil.

It contains essential oils that are effective for the autonomic nervous system.

This hair oil has a refreshing lime scent and a refreshing touch.

Price:    P1300

shina oil(original product)

Heat from flat irons, hair irons, and hair dryers that would normally damage your hair.
SHINA OIL is effective enough when applied on its own, but it has the ability to use the heat to further moisturize the skin.
Instead of damaging your hair with daily flat irons, the SHINA OIL helps to moisturize your hair.
It also has antioxidant properties, so it's great for weakened hair after coloring or rebonding.
It's a product that, after just one use, you'll feel the difference in your hair.
You can also use it at home, and it is especially effective when you use it with the menu that uses heat such as Rebonding. (Of course, hair coloring will also work.)
This product is even more effective when used together with SHINA JEAL. (Only SHINA OIL can be used at home.)

Price: P500​