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Using quality hair coloring products from Japan, we offer hair coloring services that make your hair resistant to damage and fading. Our highly skilled staff can also handle designer hair coloring requests, such as balayage and highlights.

 In general hair salon, a chemical agent for hair coloring is mixed at a space that is not visible from a customer.However, to demonstrate that we use safe and healthy chemicals, we create a space for mixing chemicals that is visible from a customer.


Using shampoo from Japan, we offer a Japanese-style shampoo service that also comes with a massage. By massaging the scalp while applying a fragrant, foamy shampoo, we cleanly wash the all the dirt from your pores, and it also helps prevent hair loss by improving blood circulation in your scalp. Moreover, the hair treatment done after shampooing strengthens the surface of each hair and provides long-lasting damage protection.


We use a straight perm solution that has won great reviews not only in Japan, but in other countries as well. With their specialized skills, our staff will give you long-lasting straight hair that stays beautiful, with no damage. Even frizzy hair that differs from one strand to the next will be straightened uniformly. By using a solution that also has a treatment effect, we provide straight hair with a long, alluring look. Additionally, by using our special home care products, you will be able to keep your straight hair looking great for even longer.


Using the finest hair treatments available in Japan, everyone can have smooth, silky hair. Hair treatment is particularly recommended if you've had your hair colored, as it repairs damage caused by the coloring and makes your hair more resistant to fading. Moreover, by using the included home-care treatment at home, you can keep your hair silky for long time.


NORA's head spa uses high quality medicinal ointments from Japan to clean deep into the pores of the scalp, promote a clean and healthy scalp environment, and penetrate deep into hair roots with vital nutrients to produce healthy hair.
On top of that, a firm shiatsu massage will release stress built up in the scalp and improve blood circulation.
Furthermore, by regularly enjoying head spas, you will be able to see improvements in many different areas, including "lessened hair loss," "prevention of gray hair," "increased hair growth," "improved hair quality," and "reduction of scalp smells, itching, stickiness, and dandruff."


Two different menus are available for NORA's head spa

   For people who experience Head Spa for the first time of don't have enough time for 40 minutes course.

   For people who want to have full service massage with relaxation.